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About Us

Miss Behave Girls Clothing Line

Miss Behave Girls is about fashion-forward clothing for the TEEN girls. We strive to provide the current trend for the TEEN girl while still allowing for apparel that fits her needs and still appropriate to her age. In today’s competitive and fast-paced market, the detail and quality of each clothing item may go unnoticed. It is on Jeanne Ofek’s eyes for detail and aesthetic that makes Miss Behave Girls special.

The design had always been a part of Jeanne’s life.  Growing up with a simple living in the Philippines, her family could not afford Barbie dolls.  Such situation enabled her to tap into her creativity and make her own dress designs.

Even as a famous singer/actor later in life, she would make her own gowns and costumes for her concert performances. Eventually, her passion for design would result in Miss Behave Girls clothing when she was recruited by her husband to join his clothing company Asia Bay Inc., with Jeanne designing the clothes, and Asia Bay Inc. carrying out the brand.  Since then, Miss Behave Girls has made an impact on the TEEN girls fashion scene.

With the help of Ilene Oren’s showroom in New York, Miss Behave Girls had already made inroads into the major department stores and specialty stores within the United States. Miss Behave Girls will continue to grow and evolve as fashion continues to change, always pushing the edge of TEEN fashion.